Available public deliverables & documents

  • D1.1 Quality plan (M4)  
  • D1.4.1 Final report V2 (M30)  
  • D2.3 Overview of content digitised and delivered to Europeana by the end of the project (M30)  
  • D3.1 Metadata implementation guidelines for digitised contemporary artworks (M12)  
  • D3.2 Recommendation on contextualisation and interlinking digitised contemporary artworks (M24)  
  • D4.2 Guidelines for an A-Z digitisation workflow for contemporary art works (M28)  
  • D5.1 Assessment of the different aggregation platforms and their aggregation requirements (M12)  
  • D5.4 Semantic dissemination to Europeana  
  • D6.1 Guidelines for a long time preservation strategy for digital reproductions and metadata (M14)  
  • D6.2 Best practices for a digital storage infrastructure for the long-term preservation of digital files (M28)  
  • D7.1 Dissemination plan (M3)  
  • D7.3 Presentation software template and ready-to-use presentations (M3)  
  • D7.4 Final plan for the dissemination and use of project results (M30)  

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