Work package 1: Project Management

Start month: 1
End month: 2


  • Co-ordination of the activities of the project
  • Quality assurance of the project’s deliverables and the processes leading to them
  • Overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management of the project
  • Management of the project’s decision-making processes
  • Organisation of internal communication

Description of work

The project management will create and support the conditions necessary for a successful and effective collaboration and performance within the project, and coordinate all consortium meetings (pleanry meetings, project management boardmeetings, steering group meetings and technical management group meetings). WP1 will liaise with partners and work package leaders to ensure an effective performance monitoring of internal management as well as warranting the best overall performance. Progress reports will include status updates on IPR clearing in order to ensure that rights are cleared by the end of the project, as well as updates (in collaboration with WP2) on the number of works that have been digitised and on the number of items that have been prepared for ingestion and ultimately also have been delivered to Europeana (D1.2.1.-D1.2.7. Progress report).

This will be accomplished by creating well-defined management and decision-making structures. In order to work as efficiently as possible, the project management will install internal quality monitoring procedures, establishing an external monitoring process involving external experts who will check and validate the main project deliverables and the strategic decisions made during the project lifecycle. Alongside such monitoring procedures, a Project Risk Register will be created and maintained. It will identify and categorise all potential strategic risks to the successful delivery of the project. For each risk area, mechanisms for risk mitigation will be identified and, in the case of risks that are rated as highly likely to occur or as having a high impact on the successful delivery, contingency action is proposed. The risk management of the project will be elaborated on in the quality plan. (D1.1. Quality plan).

WP 1 will ensure that all milestones are reached as far as practicable and that the deliverables are supplied on time, are of the required quality and follow the formal guidelines. It will also ensure that a consortium agreement is signed by all project partners.

The project management will represent project DCA in official contexts and communicate directly with the Project Officer. It will supervise the compliance of the performance with the work plan and the resource employment as scheduled. WP1 will also be in charge of financial coordination within and across the work packages, reporting and administrative activities including quarterly project reports. The management will process the transfer of the respective shares of the financial support received from the Commission to the partners and prepare financial reports for the Commission. WP1 will also ensure the creation and delivery by the project of participant record efforts (D1.3.1.-D1.3.2. Annual report including financial statement, D1.4.1. Final project report and D1.4.2. Final financial statement).

Together with the WP7 (for distribution), WP1 will ensure and create effective communication structures and tools. WP1 is horizontal and lies above all other work packages.


  • D1.1. Quality plan (M04)
  • D1.2.1. – D1.2.7. Progress report (M04 / M08 / M12 / M16 / M20 / M24 / M28)
  • D1.3.1. – D1.3.2. Annual report including financial statement (M12/M24)
  • D1.4.1. Final project report (M30)
  • D1.4.2. Final financial statement (M30)


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