Work package 7: Dissemination

Start month: 1
End month: 30
WP-Leader: LCCA


  • Ensuring and enabling efficient communication about the outcome of the project

Description of work

WP7 is responsible for the dissemination of the findings, outcomes and results of the DCA project. In order to guarantee maximum impact, adequate dissemination is key. It is the aim of WP7 to make available all useful implemented tools, guidelines and workflows developed within DCA to as broad an audience as possible. Several target groups have been identified here, from other contemporary art professionals to students. WP7 has identified the different target groups in D7.1. – Dissemination plan. This also includes an identification of the most suitable tools for dissemination (publicity material, presentation formats etc.), descriptions of planned dissemination activities (press releases, presentation at relevant events etc.) and a schedule for the implementation of tools and activities. The efficiency of the plan will be assessed at regular intervals in cooperation with WP1 and if necessary there will be a process of refining, updating and amendment.

Dissemination will not only have to take place once results can be presented; it is equally important to raise awareness about the scope of the DCA project and its relations to Europeana from the project’s launch on. WP7 has created a project website for the publication of general project information (D7.2. – Project website). It will be regularly updated with new information on progress and project achievements and activities (D7.4. – Documentation on project findings and press releases/briefings). This website has been made according to the requirements of the Anysurfer label, a Belgian quality mark for accessible websites. In addition to this online information platform a template for presentation software (PowerPoint, NeoOffice, OpenOffice) has been created and updated when necessary, together with complete, ready-to-use presentations. These can be deployed by partners who wish to raise awareness about the DCA project in their own countries, professional associations, etc. (D7.3. – Presentation software template and ready-to-use presentations).

A final task of the WP7 will be liaising with stakeholders at a national and European level, e.g. the Europeana team, other European projects and ventures that play into the objectives of the project, national aggregators etc. DCA will actively search for dissemination opportunities during professional conferences on the digitisation of (contemporary) cultural heritage. WP7 will share the task of representing the project in these different contexts with WP1 (project management).


  • D7.1. Dissemination plan (M03)
  • D7.2. Project website (M03)
  • D7.3. Presentation software template and ready-to-use presentations (M03)
  • D7.4. Documentation on project findings and press releases/briefings (M30)


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