Score Model Digital Sustainability  [ Publication ]

Score Model Digital Sustainability Digital sustainability is a concern for any organisation investing time and money in preserving digital files. But digital files are vulnerable: hardware ages, errors can be made when copying files and file formats can become unreadable in the future. On top of that there is always the possibility that the integrity of digital files is affected as a result of human errors.

Article about the DCA project - published in ARGOSMAGAZINE  [ Publication ]

Article about the DCA project - published in ARGOSMAGAZINE In te April-June 2012 issue of ARGOSMAGAZINE, an article about argos' participation in the DCA project (and the project in general) was featured. In the framework of DCA, argos selected amongst other works by Orla Barry, Manon de Boer, Vincent Meessen, Hans Op de Beeck and Joëlle Tuerlinckx to be digitised. In the article, three significant Belgian audiovisual works are highlighted: 'Televessel' by Joëlle de la Casinière (1985), 'Determination (4)'…

Publishable summary of mid-term review report  [ Publication ]

As part of the mid-term review report that is requested by the European Commission in the framework of the mid-term project review, a publishable summary highlighting the most significant achievements in the first fifteen project months was written. The text describes the project's goals and objectives, the work progress and main achievements in the first fifteen months and finally the expected final results and their potential impact.

DCA project leaflet  [ Publication ]

At the beginning of the project, a small tri-fold promotional leaflet was issued to present the project.

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