Presetation at EVA/MINERVA 2011 - 8th Annual Conference on The Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

MINERVA/EVA 2001 Jerusalem is an annual, international event for professionals in cultural heritage and advanced technologies. The conference was chaired by Dr. Susan Hazan and Dov Winer who invited PACKED to give a presentation of the DCA project.

The conference focused on advanced technologies and the augmentation, preservation, access, and the dissemination of cultural heritage through education and training in information and communication technologies (ICT). This year they were hosting many projects that are developing Europeana, Europe’s flagship digital library, museum, archives and audio visual collections.

It was in this context that Packed presented DCA in a 20 min presentation as part of the “Museum Track – Digital Creativity” programme. The interest especially in issues of IPR and media art archiving and preservation was intensive. It proved how strong the demand for discussion and knowledge-sharing there still is and that DCA is making a successful contribution in this field.

Click here to download the full presentation. Language: English

Christine Sauter presenting DCA Christine Sauter presenting DCA

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