Digitisation process at Listasafni Íslands / National Gallery of Iceland

During a period of five months, the DCA partner National Gallery of Iceland created an open studio in one of their exhibition rooms. In this dedicated space museum visitors could follow the photographing of the works that have been selected to be digitised in the framework of the DCA project. Listasafn Íslands / National Gallery of Iceland is a small institution with limited housing, especially working and storage space. Therefore a part of one of the exhibition rooms was used for photographing the works that were selected for the project.

The museum also wanted to make the participation in the DCA project visible to visitors, and draw attention to work that is being done behind the scenes and which the general public is seldom aware of. Therefore the studio was open to visitors while the museum staff was working on the digitisation.

The museum received only positive feedback from the guests and many of them asked questions about the photographing and the DCA project. Especially younger visitors and guests with interest in photographing took the time to watch and ask questions. The older audience was more timid and only looked briefly into the studio.

Different types of artworks where photographed in the open studio and it was especially important to be able to set up installations and sculptures in an exhibition room while photographing and filming them. It was also an extraordinary opportunity for making works that are seldomly exhibited, accessible to both guests and museum staff.

The exhibition room is now back to its normal use and photographing the works is taking place in a smaller backstage studio. This project made it clear that Listasafn Islands needs more space for their activities that are taking place behind the scenes, including a better photo-studio which is now under construction.

On the images you can see Dagný Heiðdal - the Head of Collection of National Gallery of Iceland - and the photographer digitising works of art by the Icelandic artist Gudmunda Andresdottir.

Dagný Heiðdal Dagný Heiðdal
Digitising process in the open studio Digitising process in the open studio

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