Digitising at Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

The video by Thanasis Lightbridge allows us to follow the installation by Leda Papaconstantinou being taken out from storage and installed in order to be photographed and videorecorded for the DCA project. Leda Papaconstantinou (female) was born in Greece in 1945. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (with Nikos Kessanlis) and Fine Arts at the Kent Institute of Arts and Design in England. In her career so far she has produced significant work with performances and environments tracing arhcetypal symbols of nature, the identity of man and his relationship with the natural world. A prominent greek artist with many solo and group exhibitions in her Curriculum.

"In 1997 Leda Papaconstantinou presented the installation Genet's Toaster, a voyage into the territory of desire and tenderness. It is this multi-media installation which features in the collection of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. It does of course refer back to the first tribute to Genet created by the artist 27 years earlier, but in this approach Papaconstantinou focuses on the codes of love and desire, the feelings.

The video installation consists of two screens, a bed which glows, covered with slices of bread (representing the human body) enveloped in a mosquito net. A circle of flour is drawn on the floor; the sound accompaniment consists of an Argentinean tango (music from the video-performance by the artist Genet's Toaster - Hommage a Genet, recordings 1900-1917) and the whirring sound of fans - to represent breathing. The two screens show Genet's only film, the silent Song of Love, and the video-performance by Papaconstantinou Genet's Toaster - Hommage a Genet. The work raises issues of desire, solitude and man's relationship with authority".

By Katerina Syroglou - Art Historian, Curator at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

The artwork has been digitised in the framework of DCA project in 2011.

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