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June 3, 2013 - June 4, 2013

Final meeting of the DCA consortium in Reykjavik

The final meeting of DCA consortium partners before the round-up of the project has taken place in Reykjavik on June 3 and 4, 2013.


The Digitising Contemporary Art conference during WRO 2013 Media Art Biennale Pioneering Values

WRO 2013 Media Art Biennale in Wrocław is organizing a conference where contemporary art digitisation experience and DCA project will be discussed.


February 12, 2013 - February 13, 2013

DCA consortium workshops in Brussels

At the beginning of February 2013, the one-but-last meeting of the DCA consortium will be organised in Brussels. It will be an occasion to prepare for the completion of the project in June 2013.


Using semantic web technologies in the DCA project

One of the core work packages in the DCA project is investigating metadata and their role in using semantic web technologies in relation to the content that will be digitised within the project. At the end of 2012, work package leader iMinds released two new deliverables around this topic.


October 3, 2012 - October 4, 2012

DCA consortium meeting in Ljubljana

To initiate and support the next phase of the implementation of the DCA work plan, in particular the aggregation of the items to be accessible through Europeana, the team will meet to ensure a sound understanding of the performance to be carried out.


May 4, 2012

Mid-term review meeting

On May 4, 2012 the DCA project coordinator and work package leaders will take part in the mid-term review of the DCA project. The first fifteen months have elapsed, showing very good progress and interim results.


February 6, 2012

The art world mourns the death of Antoni Tàpies i Puig

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the DCA consortium announce with sadness the passing of Antoni Tàpies i Puig, who died in Barcelona at the age of 88 on February 6, 2012.


February 6-7, 2012

Meetings and workshops in Berlin

With the digitisation performance well on its way, aggregation is becoming more and more the focus of attention. Work Package 5 of the DCA Project deals with all issues relating to aggregation.


December 6, 2011

DCA at Europeana CCPA Annual General Meeting 2011

In December 2011 DCA took part in the Annual CCPA meeting (Europeana’s Council of Content Providers and Aggregators)


September 20 - 22, 2011

Meeting and Workshops in Porto September 20 - 22, 2011

The next phase of the project supports, complements and enriches the actual creation of the digital reproductions and will centre around the key issues of dealing with IPR, enhancing metadata, ensuring sustainability and preparing the aggregation. To ensure the highest quality in practice and sharing of knowledge, we will organise…


May 5 - 6, 2011

DCA Consortium meeting May 5 - 6, 2011

Our second plenary consortium meeting took place in Athens (Greece) on May 5-6 2011 on the premises of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The main goal of the meeting was to finesse the preparatory work in order to ensure an optimal launch of the actual digitisation phase that…


March 24, 2011

Visiting NIMk (Netherlands media Art Institute) archive studio

A hands-on presentation, demonstration and Q&A at NIMk for audio-visual, especially regarding new media art digitisation workflow and NIMk's long-term preservation approach.


March 22 - 23, 2011

Digitisation Workshop in Brussels

Workshop "Introduction of digitisation workflow: everything you have to take into account before you start digitising".
The workshop introduces the content partners of the DCA project to the essential steps and decisions to be taken into consideration when creating the workflow for the digitisation of the items agreed upon…


January 25 - 26, 2011

DCA kick-off meeting

European Commission and the DCA consortium, comprising 25 partners from 10 EU member states and the 2 associated countries, Croatia and Iceland, officially launched the project Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) 25th of January, 2011. The launch of the project initiated a significant increase in the presence of contemporary art in…


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