DCA Consortium meeting May 5 - 6, 2011

Our second plenary consortium meeting took place in Athens (Greece) on May 5-6 2011 on the premises of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The main goal of the meeting was to finesse the preparatory work in order to ensure an optimal launch of the actual digitisation phase that was scheduled to start in month 6 (June 2011).

A meeting of the Technical Management Group (TMG) preceded the plenary meeting. During the TMG meeting the deliverables due in the following 12 months were discussed and reviewers were appointed. Prior to the meeting, all content partners had submitted a draft digitisation plan to be assessed by each TMG member. This procedure of having partners draft a first digitisation plan for review through the TMG was highly appreciated. The results of this assessment were recorded in order to share and discuss them individually with the respective partners during the following day.

During the first day of plenary meeting, a review was given of the collaboration within the consortium in the first four months of the project. This was followed by a discussion of the details pertaining to aggregating the digital content to Europeana. Next, WP4 presented its first version of digitisation workflow with the aid of an external repro-photographer.

In the afternoon, different face-to-face talks between TMG members and content partners took place in order to discuss the assessment of the submitted draft digitisation plans. The idea was that the partners would update their plan and create a ‘final’ version on the basis of these discussions in the fortnight following the meeting, – to be revised by the TMG and if necessary re-drafted by the partners until finally approved by the TMG.

On the second day of the plenary meeting some practical and /or administrative issues were discussed, amongst others an online demonstration of the MyBBT platform, instructions on how to complete the interim progress reports, the presentation of the Quality Plan and the name building conventions. The meeting was concluded with a reminder about the next deadlines and upcoming deliverables, and the preliminary planning of the next consortium meeting in September 2011 in Porto (Portugal).

Overlooking Athens from roofterrace of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Overlooking Athens from roofterrace of the Macedonian Museum…
Preparation of the presentations Preparation of the presentations
Press conference at the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum Press conference at the National Gallery - Alexandros…
Guided tour of the Frissiras Museum Guided tour of the Frissiras Museum
Plenary meeting Plenary meeting

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