DCA consortium workshops in Brussels

At the beginning of February 2013, the one-but-last meeting of the DCA consortium will be organised in Brussels. It will be an occasion to prepare for the completion of the project in June 2013.

One of the focus points of this meeting will be the long term preservation of the created digital files and their pertaining metadata. This topic is investigated by WP6, led by NIMk - Netherlands Media Art Insitute. Although initially thought of as a WP that would mainly produce guidelines during the project's lifetime - and implementation of those to be taken on by the partners after the project's end, the topic proved to have become more and more significant. Long term preservation should be considered as an inherent part of a digitisation trajectory.

In order to initiate greater attention for this matter, WP6 will present an online tool that helps you to identify where your organisation is at regarding digital preservation, and based on certain score you get tips on what/how to improve in that field. The DCA partners will take this test, and perform it again at a late stage, aiming for an increased test score. This way, DCA pulled the attention for long term preservation even more into the project's actual lifespan, in order to improve the accessibility of the created files in the long run.

More information abut WP6 - Long-term sustainability (guidelines for long-term preservation of digital files) can be found in the work package section of the website.

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