Meetings and workshops in Berlin

With the digitisation performance well on its way, aggregation is becoming more and more the focus of attention. Work Package 5 of the DCA Project deals with all issues relating to aggregation.

In Porto, WP5 leader NTUA had already introduced their aggregation tool MINT which they developed during the ATHENA project. This tool is both a straightforward option to aggregate to Europeana and a “default aggregator” if no other aggregator is suitable or available for DCA content partners. Deliverable D5.1 “Assessment of the different aggregating platforms and their aggregation requirements” provided the research results for understanding the range of aggregator types and the aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable aggregator together with possible pros and cons.
Further information of aggregator candidates was to be given at the Berlin meeting which followed immediately after the transmediale, a festival for media art and digital culture. On the occasion of the festival, representatives of the GAMA portal (Gateway to Archives of Media Art) were in Berlin. DCA took the opportunity to meet with them with those partners who showed an interest in aggregating via this portal in a dedicated work session. The communication and negotiation for this aggregator has then been initiated. As for the other aggregator candidates, NTUA will support the respective partners in their communication and workflow for the chosen candidates.
Regine Stein, LIDO expert in ATHENA and now with LINKED HERITAGE, gave a highly informative introduction into LIDO which is the harvesting format used for the MINT aggregating tool. DCA is also working on a common English keyword vocabulary. So, even those who might use another aggregator, could still benefit from the MINT tool to implement the vocabulary list in their metadata before aggregation.
A hands-on tutorial on how to use the MINT tool followed this presentation. All partners were very satisfied with this tutorial since it showcased in a perfect way what mapping, harvesting and aggregation meant.

Enjoy the photos by Wiel Seuskens!

At the hands-on tutorial At the hands-on tutorial
At the hands-on tutorial At the hands-on tutorial
At the hands-on tutorial At the hands-on tutorial
... and well deserved dinner ... and well deserved dinner

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