Meeting and Workshops in Porto September 20 - 22, 2011

The next phase of the project supports, complements and enriches the actual creation of the digital reproductions and will centre around the key issues of dealing with IPR, enhancing metadata, ensuring sustainability and preparing the aggregation. To ensure the highest quality in practice and sharing of knowledge, we will organise four workshops. The Fundação de Serralves will host the meeting scheduled for 20-22 September, 2011.

The first phase of the project focused on assessing existing knowledge and common practices within the consortium and determining the scope of sharing knowledge and identifying best practices. The results of this phase were described in an internal deliverable “Assessment of the individual partners and their expertise (D2.1)” and formed the basis for creating and enhancing the digitisation plans of the individual content providers.

The workshops encompass all the topics mentioned in the first paragraph. In the first workshop, two lawyers will explain and present legal issues, different practices and solutions, and describe different approaches and angles in dealing with IPR issues. In the following workshop, the technical partners will delineate advantages and disadvantages of different metadata schemes, and discuss with the content partners best practices for their individual needs in the context of documenting contemporary art. The aim is to establish a basic keyword list for contemporary art to offer an additional layer to facilitate user queries on Europeana. A long-term preservation workshop will deal with the key issues concerning the sustainability of the created digital files. The lack of established policies with regard to long-term preservation within the consortium proves the necessity of discussing this issue in detail and raising the awareness of the importance of implementing long-term preservation strategies and policies. Last but not least, a fourth workshop will focus on aggregation which is not a common practice yet and thus needs a basic introduction into the requirements and the opportunities aggregation entails.

The results of all workshops will not only help enhance the actual digitisation process but also cater for the upcoming deliverables, i.e. guidelines, recommendations for all above topic fields.

The Fundação de Serralves in Porto The Fundação de Serralves in Porto
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IPR, Metadata, Long-term preservation, aggregation, DEA IPR, Metadata, Long-term preservation, aggregation, DEA

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